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Crypto currency data

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Integrate the Wholefolio stack into your financial world. Get the data for your financial success.

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Software development

When you need a custom piece of software for interacting with the crypto world.

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Track your portfolio, get details on your every asset and subscribe for the changes that are important for you.

Track your Digital Assets

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Everything needed to monitor your assets

  • Detailed currency data and graphs
  • Free API access to ALL the data
  • Frequently updated market data directly from exchanges
  • News from top
  • Subscriptions to events

About Wholefolio

Why are we doing this and how it all started

If you have been in the blockchain/cryptocurrency world for a bit now, you must have realized that things can get a little complicated. There is the blockchain, there are crypto currencies, there are tokens, there are Initial Coin Offerings. All these are connected, but getting the proper information and staying up to date is a hassle.

So that is where we come in - we provide a platform, that aims to meet all of your blockchain and crypto needs. The platform was initally thought out just as a portfolio tracker, but as we began to build the project and dig deeper, we realised that it simply isn't enough. So bit by bit we started adding more and more to our platform, so that you can rely on us.

Our primary goal is to deliver a cryptocurrency platform that everybody can use for free. The portfolio tracking functionalities are the the solid foundation that the platform is build on and we can continue improving from here. You can check out what we have in the pipeline here:


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wholefolio?

Wholefolio is a platform for tracking your digital cryptocurrency portfolio.

This is one of our goals in the immediate future - introduce one click trading from our platform on selected exchanges.

Create an account or sign in with one of Social providers to get started.

Our basic functionality will always be free - portfolio tracking, currency graphs and data, subscriptions to events and movements.

Since the company is founded by people who have extensive IT background, who also do trading, we understand how much is at stake so everything we design is with security in mind.

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Crypto data, trading and analytics.

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